Favorite Songs of 2012

Hard to restrict this to just 2012. Many great 2011 songs and albums I experienced this year. It’s fair to say the indie/rock/alternative scene is alive and well, with many great new bands and solid output from veterans. Now if people just paid attention to it!


All Things Must Pass

Duders, Ween is no mo! Wish I pulled the trigger on the Denver Halloween show last year, or the one at Red Rocks with the Flaming Lips. October, 1996 at the Fillmore remains one of my all time favorites. Luckily, Ween was a rare band that allowed audiences to tape their shows. So their is a lot to remember them by.

The Twilight Sad at the Independent

A band that hails from the Glasgow area arrived in SF last week to support their 3rd studio album, No One Can Ever Know. The album got my attention with their new synthesizer sound that reminds me of the Cure. My friend Patrick more aptly described it as┬ásounding ” like the bastard child of The Pogues and Joy Division.” With a name and album art that tries too hard, it’s the voice of singer┬áJames Graham that really elevates this band to something special. With a nice Scottish brogue he woke up a subdued Thursday night crowd. If you at one time embraced the new wave/post punk culture of the eighties, this should capture your attention. Listen to the complete album on Spotify, if the first song below gets your interest. The whole album is pretty good, I just have to find the lyrics to understand wot e is sayin’!

Great Game Music from 2011

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Come on, it’s like 1984! or not.

Van Halen – Tattoo from Van Halen on Vimeo.

Voted worst cover ever

Ha! pretty pathetic. But maybe the younger generation can get a glimpse of how mind blowing it was 20 years ago.

OK Go’s Newest