Europa Report for Sci-Fi fans looking for more science

20130728215522europa_3Europa Report, first and foremost, gets the science of interplanetary space travel right. Set in the near future, this thriller tells the story of a small crew traveling to the moon of Europa orbiting Jupiter. Based on actual findings, Europa is believed to contain liquid water oceans inside it’s frozen exterior and their mission is to find proof of life outside Earth. Funded by the private sector, because governments have turned their back on space exploration, the 6 person crew is made up of pilots, engineers, a biologist (specializing in oceanography) and a doctor.  Early in the film, the mission is applauded for making it the furthest in human history and decades after the last attempt in 1972.

The story is told through interviews of people leading the mission on Earth, the ship’s mounted cameras and personal video journals of the crew. This makes the film unique, with fixed cameras that occasionally gets garbled or goes black depending on what is happening. This filmmaking style adds to the suspense because you are not always seeing or hearing everything. This proves a bit much for Roz, as she had to walk away a few times, only to return to see what happened next. Blair Witch Project in space seems an unfair, but accurate description. If this sounds like your cup of tea, this is a recommended Sci-Fi flick that does not rely on typical Hollywood action and effects.

Europa Report is now available to rent via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon before it’s theatrical release.

Also have to note the performance of actor Sharlto Copley (lead in District 9, villain in Elysium) who once again gives a compelling and unrecognizable performance. This time, no South-African accent.


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