Beers of the Moment

photo 4. St. Feuillien Tripel- These short stubby bottles started showing up in my liquor store alongside Duvel. Going at about $4 it’s a great way to enjoy a nice Belgian Tripel, preferably with some aged gouda or strong cheese. The pour  has the expected thick creamy head but fades fairly quickly to leave thick lace on the glass as you drink. Beer is a light gold color, smells of apples and cloves. The taste has a great complexity of flavors—Starts with fruit and sweet flavors of carmel, to give way to spice and a slight boozy flavor. This is one quality Tripel that I don’t hesitate to pick up with the modest asking price.

photo43. Belgo- Let me just get this out of the way. This is the best New Belgian brew I have had. Seeing that this is a IPA, it strikes me odd that it has the label “Belgian Style”. What it give you is nice fruitiness and deep smoothness you don’t find in this type of beer. The Hop is there, but it finishes clean. Does not ruin it with a overly bitter aftertaste most American style IPAs have. This one was fairly easy to find a year ago, but is becoming rare. Grab a sixer when you can.

sumpin2. Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale – I had gone off hoppy beers for a few years, but this has brought me back in a big way. Taste is bold citrusy hop and finishes clean too. Very drinkable for the style, and always tastes fresh like it was just bottled. I became very addicted to this over the summer drinking from the wide mouth mason jar and always hunting it down on tap. Be careful the ABV will catch up with you fast. The world may sing the praise of Pliny just north up 101, but I will take this one over it anytime.

allagash-white1. Allagash White –  Brewed Portland, Maine this is my favorite beer I had this year. This is a dirty blonde that asks you to tip the bottle back and forth to mix the sediment before pouring.  Cloudy pale yellow in colour with a creamy big bubbled lace that shows no problem of retaining. A classic White Ale look. lightly sweet lemon, cloves and coriander mixed with refreshing wheat. The beer is spritzy and gives it character. Despite the complexity being a wit makes it very drinkable. To even novice beer tasters, I can give them a pour and hit a home run. They will get all the fuss.


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