Big Cheers to Steve Jobs

To a man that had more effect in my life, and yours, then we care to admit. More then even a stealth Mac-crusader as myself. I’ve managed to keep myself mostly quiet over the years, cause I’m usually 95% the minority. Apple and Steve Jobs has consistently transformed cold and complicated technology into something beautifully designed, friendly, and easy-to-use, while being in the forefront of technology. I don’t have to regal you in how Jobs was one of the forefathers of the first PCs, still relevant Graphic-User-Interface, to revolutionizing smart phones, tablets, and modern retail storefronts, as well as transforming how we consume entertainment. That Apple products were usually a couple years ahead of mainstream tech. In the next few days, the media will nauseate you with that (maybe me just now too).

To a young man, passionate about art and technology, my path eventually came to Apple, more than a decade after it’s inception. As I watched Steve Jobs in person and on-screen, announcing the next great thing. It hits you that he is the best slick, scamming, tech-medicine doctor you have ever seen and I shouldn’t trust it! But time and time again he has delivered, and in the end, his harshest critics agreed and championed the copy job. Actually, it is pretty amazing that most decesion markers in the tech sector wanted to put an end to this, more then a decade ago. Most every business had gone another direction. Then the consumers got the hot new innovation. And suddenly the devices in your home and your pocket, seemed much better then what you had in your workplace. This year, Apple became the most valuable company in the world. It is astounding! To an effect that may not be realized again.

Instead of just dismissing it as marketing and slick salesmanship. I hope, in his passing, his accomplishments as one of the best American innovators will be realized. Even if you never owned something directly Steve Jobs, you will find a piece of him all around you.

Rest in peace and thank you. Cheers to a man that followed his heart and was madly driven by a chip on his shoulder!  Speaking out just now, I think I got a little Steve in me.


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