E3 Press Conferences: Snap Judgements

(Updated June 13: Realized my reactions on the Nintendo conference disappeared before I left a week to Portland. Got to love Word Press’s auto-save feature.)


  • Call of Duty looks like Call of Duty, and that’s likely good enough to be the top seller again.
  • Military shooters and sci-fi shooters have finally crossed over to be the same thing.
  • Before you roll your eyes at another Tomb Raider, take a look. Best thing I saw this morning.
  • Mass Effect 3 with Kinect. Reciting dialogue with your voice= boo! Issuing commands to your squad= pretty cool.
  • Finally, the dashboard has search. Voice search, no less! Finding content on the marketplace has been a headache and embarrassing from this software giant. All fixed.
  • Microsoft should be cleaning the floor in the UE department. I’ll give them the nod now.
  • Taking movable cover against your co-op partner’s mech suit, may have me sold on Gears of War 3. The polished gameplay and new token female, may let me overlook the whole dude-bro problem.
  • See, video games are a beautiful thing. Bringing Body Count back together for a one song cash grab.
  • Pretending to have the reins of a horse and buggy? Wow.. mind blown, Molyneux.
  • Star Wars Kinect has me excited. Wait, that may be just the John Williams talking.
  • Kinect force push, could be cool. The automated and canned movement, not so much.
  • Sorry. Golf, tennis, shooting, & swordplay motion control without any tactile feedback is inferior.
  • Kinect games are like Eye Toy games. Mildly entertaining the first time you play them.
  • If you like to dance and have small kids. The Kinect may be worth it. Still skeptical on the game software.
  • Halo Anniversary. Halo 4. meh. My enthusiasm matches a Bungie employee.


  • The terrestrial Mass Effect 3 footage has me worried. Show me the star chart!
  • Mass Effect 3, Resistance 3, Crisis 2, Call of Duty: MW3. Same f-ing game!
  • Mass Effect 3 demo all about the action. Like Gears of War, but not as good.
  • Need for Speed- Racing your friends cross country via Autolog = awesome. Out of car quicktime events = a horrific misstep.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic had the best E3 trailer last year. It may now have best one this year. So where is the gameplay?
  • The new SSX lacks whimsy and fireworks. I like whimsy and fireworks!
  • EA Sports/FIFA- It was only a matter of time for sports games to gain community RPG leveling and go MMO. You jocks are now just as geeky as those WOW guys.
  • Curt Schilling, good on you. A gutsy, hall of fame pitcher with a big mouth that made me despise him. Impressive what he is doing post baseball via 38 Studio’s new game. You are back on my good side.
  • PlayStation exclusive Insomniac has gone multi-platform with a new IP. Yeah! May you get the sales you deserve!
  • Watch out for Battlefield 3, Activision. Your CoD franchise appears to be trumped.


  • G4 hosts think either they will ignore the PSN outage or have Kevin Butler make a joke out of it.
  • Playing the 3D hard. Everyone in audience has glasses on.
  • They addressed outage first thing. Apologized to Playstation developers and users. Then made a snarky joke about the press. Acceptable, if it doesn’t happen again.
  • New Uncharted 3 demo looks good. Great exclusive for them.
  • Sony claims lead in Netflix devices. It is my favorite of the bunch.
  • The $499 Playstation TV has me interested in 3D for the first time. two glasses, Resistance 3 and (shock) HDMI cable included?
  • 3D allows a full screen, split- screen experience? Have to see to believe.
  • Is Medieval Moves what happened to Sorcery? If you are going to take away the nav controller, at least allow 2 move controllers and the fidelity of Sports Champion’s swordplay and archery. Looks fugly too.
  • Sony counters Kinect Star Wars with Star Trek Move.
  • My most anticipated game in 2012, Bioshock Infinite, demoed on the PS3 and will have exclusive Move support and content.
  • The new PSP portable, Vita, does not have my interest despite throwing in the kitchen sink. $249. is very competitive however, matching the Nintendo 3DS. May work, if the smart phone does not kill the market completely.
  • Still no Last Guardian?
(Updated June 7, morning.)
  • Miyamoto is a crazy, likable coot isn’t he? He must be dying his hair now. Very Dick Clark.
  • Miyamoto is focusing on music. True that Zelda and Mario have the most recognizable, pleasing sound effects to grace video games.
  • Free Zelda Four Swords for DSi users. Love it! People will finally experience the cool concept from many years ago. Would of cost over $300 extra then, to get it up and running.
  • Wii U seems like it is competing more with the iPad and Airplay, then Microsoft and Sony.
  • Next Wii compatible with all current Wii accessories and software. At least all that cash you blew on your wii balance board and wiimotes will still be relevant in 2012.
  • We finally have a HD Nintendo console, but looks that it will still be a step behind in graphic fidelity.
  • Taking a Wii U game and projecting on your controller, when someone wants the TV is a neat example.
  • No doubt, their are a lot of cool gameplay possibilities with the device. Showing a bunch of examples and thinking of a few more.
  • Nintendo continues to prove they think differently and focus on new design possibilities for the developer and imagination of the player. They continue to help power the game industry to be better.

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