Win Win is a… well, you know.

Let’s cut to the cliché, this is a movie with heart. Writer-director Tom McCarthy has been on my radar since The Visitor, which I felt, was one of the best films in 2007. He has the magic to capture the conflicts in mundane, everyday life and make it exciting (which is fact, in most cases). There are never-ending selfish acts people make, while trying to be good, that permeates all over our world but is seldom caught on film. This movie has good people sometimes doing the bad things and bad people being more sympathatic then you expect. The conflict of life is to come to terms with your questionable actions, before we finish our quest for the dirtnap. McCarthy gets that.

Win, Win is the story of a father with good intentions, that gets caught in a lie that ends up being a blessing. This lawyer (Paul Giamatti), takes advantage of a elderly man to help pays the bills for his wife and two young daughters, and as a result, takes in a troubled teenage boy. He is a runaway, who quickly wins the heart of his fearful wife and family. He turns around his wrestling team and pulls into focus his priorities, in the process.

This is a film littered with outstanding acting, led by sad sack Giamatti (whom enbodies his role from Sideways and has become one of my favorites). Plenty others to like here. Amy Ryan (The Wire) provides, perhaps, the best performance as his wife. Her relationship with the boy is the strongest, punctuated when they compare tattoos. It also has all the supporting roles nailed, with comic relief from Jeffrey Tambor (who has been excellent since Three’s Company) and Bobby Cannavale (The Station Agent). Apparently the boy is a state-champion wrestler and has never acted. His performance proves excellence can be achieved with greatness around you. Best film so far this year.


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