Pixel art craziness

Some notable mobile games I’ve spent time with recently, have fallen into this retro category. Gotta say. Love this modern-take, resurgence going on.

The melodic sounds are rippin

Sword & Sworcery LP (iPad, $4.99)- This adventure game will suck you in and take you to a different place. The pixel art, music, and touch controls will make for a wholly unique experience. A Rod Sterling-type host will smoke and lead you through a Zelda-inspired trip, and will then tell you to take a break after awhile. This has to be played with headphones, as the smoking man says, to accent the atmosphere. This will help you forget spotty control, obtuse puzzles, and all the long walks. It has great features! Like tweeting convoluted poetry as you play, to annoy the few followers you have. This is one, the critics will go gaga for, then claim it over-rated a year from now. Thanks in advance, internet.

Cave Story (Nintendo DSi, $8)– This is a awesome controlling, 8-bit retro game that one Japanese bloke, called Pixel, created then uploaded to the internet 7 years ago. He got a following, some backing, and eventually published an enhanced version on modern nintendo platforms. (Meeting all his wet dream fantasies, no doubt). Released on the Wii first, it really fits like a glove on the DS. If this was a sanitized-Nintendo title, it could proudly stand up with Mario, Metroid, and Kirby. High praise, but I mean it!  Just one caveat: Those hardcore people that love it, will NOT tell you how brutally hard it is, and will scouff at your ineptitude, when you rage quit. Pro Tip: Set this one on easy.

BIT.TRIP BEAT (iPhone, $1.99)- Another title that requires headphones. This is classic pong gone wild and is musically game-changing. This is perfect with acceleometor controls and on the mobile platform. I keep on telling myself to buy everything with CommanderVideo on it. I got to get on that!

Picross 3D (Nintendo DS, $20)– If you do not know the Japanese puzzle game Picross yet, it’s like Suduko but with pictures. This iteration has you breaking away blocks with your stylus, to create a sculpture. Possibly the most addictive and compulsive game you could play. If you like suduko, times that feeling by 3. Hundred of puzzles and a daily challenge. This may go down as my favorite DS game.


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