Gabby La La CD Release Party

The full moon could not be obscured by the  rainclouds Friday night. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw rainbows as I watched the awesome video for Alarm Clock, before Gabby and friends took stage for the premiere of her new album. To me, it struck as a instant classic as she mimiced the boops and beeps, performed using her Nintendo DS lite. Gabby has quickly become the brightest spot in the Petaluma/Sonoma music scene to me, ever since I watched her perform the “Butter & Eggs Song”. She makes a strong impression with her bright wigs, colorful clothing and high pitched voice. Inspired by George Harrison, she studied and is excellent on the sitar, as well as  playing a mean ukuele and theremin. The music is playful, psychedelic, rolled in a wave of optimism and hapiness.

I wish you could watch “Alarm Clock”. (Where can I buy that video?) You will have to settle for my spotty camera phone work and something much more professional. You’ll find Les Claypool on bass above , Jane Wiedlin from the GoGos below, as well as some Sabastopol tea house DS jamming. Check out Alarm Clock audio clips on iTunes or CD Baby.


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