Has Netflix reached it’s peak?

With great success, comes serious firepower from your rivals. As I look to go through dropping cable TV, for Netflix and other on-demand services, some of my recent observations are giving me pause.

  • New release movies are no longer available. I noticed this first with Avatar late last year. Now, you won’t see any of the big releases come to Netflix day one. Netflix is effecting the movie studios DVD sales and their bottom line. Those days are over.
  • Unskippable commericals on your Netflix version disc? Believe it! This is not the same dvd/bluray disc as in stores.
  • Instant que taking a hit? I have many movies from my instant watch que list disappear and become no longer available. Netflix has paid to bring new content. But you know what? It has not been an improvement.
  • Season 4 of Dexter was pulled from Netflix when I was at disc 3. It eventually came back, but makes me wonder  why this happened. The series is near impossible to get now.
  • Netflix has made their instant watch streaming service available on many devices for your TV. Your best way to watch this is most likely through you cable internet provider. Ever look into a internet-only plan? About $30 more per month were I am at, with new limits on speed and downloads.

Netflix is a great service. Outstanding fast delivery and no hassle cancelation (which can be infuriating, I’m looking at you Xbox Live). Can it really be a replacement service with movie studios and cable companies placing more and more restrictions? Or is it merely a value add for us media hounds?


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