Giants Win!

My sheer elation of the last few weeks is indescribable and wholly uncalled for. Glad to see it reinforced by my wife,  co-workers, friends, and in the streets of San Francisco.

It really started hardcore at game 4 of the NCLS. I was lucky to attend a see-saw battle with NL champs, Phillies. A great win— ending in the bottom of the ninth. The atmosphere in the park and on the street of SF was amazing and crazy adrenaline seeped in my bones. Everyone was elated and high- fiving each other on the way out. The police were smilling, and doing the same. Despite our backgrounds, we were like family.  The walk down 2nd street was a raucous party. Every night during the games, I got to sit with Roz and see her just as excited as me. She even went out and bought me Giant shirts. What a lady! It all ended at Game 5 of the World Series, the first day of our vacation in Maui. Life is sweet.

My expectations were tempered all through the playoffs. I was ready for the worst, expecting the Phillies and Rangers to shut our offense down. Pitching got the support they needed—with great defense and two-out knocks. The fans coming up with terms like “Let Timmy Smoke” and “Fear the Beard”. The rally thong and a team, the national media calls, “the Misfits”. There were plenty of characters to root for. I know we need some more pop and speed in the lineup, but I don’t want to see one of these guys leave. I have been a avid Giants fan for thirty years now, so this meant a lot to me. My one lament, is wishing my dad could have experienced a San Francisco Giant World Series champion.

Sports means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but never have I seen people come together more. A great thing to lift spirits, after some tough years in the Bay Area. Being a fan(atic) can be awesome, let us forget about the torture till next season. Go Giants!


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