Pixar makes grown-ups sob like their children.

The folks at Pixar/Disney have done it again. I’m not referring to another animated masterpiece, but for the third film in a row, make me blubber like a little girl. Pixar shows how nuanced and skilled they are to get these emotions out of you. In fact, these poignant scenes seems to only effect adults, as it does not seem to fully register for kids. Luckily, in “Up” and  “Wall-e” it was over quickly and in the opening scenes. Toy Story 3 saves it for the end in a torturous longer scene. It culminates with a interaction between 18-year old Andy and very shy, highly imaginative, sweet little girl named Bonnie. Thank goodness for 3D. Not for the effect, but for the big glasses to hide my man tears.

The Poop sums it perfect.

Woody's new friend


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