Some great iPhone games

Around christmas I received a $25 iTunes gift card which I wanted to use toward iPhone game apps. In most cases, a great iPhone game is quick and addictive to play, uses multitouch and accelerometer well, and requires little time commitment. After alot of consideration, I picked up quite a few great games with the card and happy to recommend a bunch of them here.

Sword & Poker ($2.99/Free) – This is the best selling iPhone game in Japan. I was lucky to get this for the .99 cent introduction price, but easily worth the money. This is a highly addictive card game where you play a poker hand off a grid of 3×3 face up cards. The catch is you explore a dungeon and take on different monsters. Defeat them and you can get some loot and progress to a final end boss. Mixing in items, spells and stats, this is a lot more fun then Puzzle Quest, the bejeweled puzzle rpg imo. Grab the free version to try out, you get a decent amount of content. Also, S&P 2 just released and sports improvements on a excellent formula.

Homerun Battle 3D ($4.99/Free)- Maybe just homerun derby, but is executed perfectly. The game plays fast where you swing at every pitch (no balls here). Tilting the phone controls your aim and touch the ball to make contact. Seemless, fast online multiplier with no lag and a huge worldwide community. Earn gold balls for play to upgrade your equipment; earn multipliers and extra points for called shots. Download the Free version to see how addictive this is.

Chess/Words with Friends (Free)– Famous games (Words=Scrabble) put in the ideal situation. Here you can get into a match with a real opponent and make your move at your leisure. The problem with both these games is the waiting between turns and the feeling your move is rushed. This really is the ideal way to play both these classic games! A great way to exercise your brain once or twice a day.

Doodle Jump (.99)– maybe the best, I have 1 minute and standing in line game. Almost completely controlled with the accelerometer as you move the jumping chartacter from platform to platform in an effort to get as high as possible. The sound effects are perfect. Gratifying feedback as you hop on trampolin or ride a jetpack. The look was initially a turn off, but their is good reason it stays on top of the charts. Developers do a great job updating the game with new themes. Current enjoying the World Cup levels.

Angry Birds (.99) – Maybe the best value in the store and a must own. Use a sling shot to propel birds to take out pigs hidden in wood structures. Great physics as proper arc and power is all you need, to succeed. Many different birds have different characteristics. You have triangle- shaped bird that will speed up with a touch, or a boomerang bird that will arch back to it’s target. The developer continues to add new levels and birds to keep you coming back. I eagerly away their new expertly designed levels and gameplay mechanics. It keeps on giving. Get it!

Sword of Fargoal ($4.99) – Originally a rogue-like random dungeon crawler on the Vic-20 and Commodore 64. The original programmer has improved his work mightily for the iPhone some 25+ years later! Charming retro sounds with updated graphics and well-crafted touch control. If wanting a rpg, this is much better suited for the platform then somewhat awkward Oblivion and Diablo clones out there. Great for quick bursts of immediate action, unlike most of it’s competitors. Expensive in App terms, but well worth it.

Space Miner ($4.99/$2.99/Free) – Great production value on a sim, asteroids-like game. Shoot stuff and thrust around different areas in space while mining ore to upgrade your rig. Sharp graphics and humor. Also a great country twang soundtrack, that reminds me of Firefly. Great implementation of virtual joystick, in one of the few cases it works well on a touch screen. Good fun!

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99) – If you live under a gaming rock, you may not have heard of the Pop Cap sensation taking the PC by storm. Highly addictive and multi-touch is undeniably the best way to play this strategy-light title. The iPhone screen seems a bit cramped compared to the superior iPad version. Still a must, at a fraction the price of the others.

GTA: Chinatown Wars ($9.99/$4.99/Free) – Lucky to snag this for half-off on Valentine’s Day. This is hardly a quick hit type game. Super impressive top-tier developed game with a great story and fast missions. This, in my opinion, is the version to get. It mixes the great touch screen mechanics of the DS version, with the superior graphics of the PSP version. The controls are not as good as either, but pulled of better then expected. In the end, having this on you phone for much less than the $30 dollar price of the other versions, means this is the one to jump in on.


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