iPhone 4: A real review

Well written, researched and thoughtful insight

After all the hysteria on the internet surrounding the iPhone 4 launch, this is the one that gets the story right. I almost held off because of the reported reception problems, but glad that I went ahead and got this amazing piece of tech on top of the best user experience. As Ihnatko states, “be aware of the problem … but overall, don’t worry about it.” After 5 days of use, I have not experienced the problem. This reception issue is something you can replicate, but does not happen with normal use. For me, the download speed is noticeably faster then my iPhone 3G and the best sound quality I have experienced on any of my mobile phones yet. Something that surprised me after all the snarky comments. Internet journalism is really getting annoying!

Btw, Ars Technica is the only tech blog that did some investigating, before shamelessly going for the page click grab. Get the skinny on the issue there. Kudos to them for rising above the muck of their competitors!


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