Lost, “Stupid f-ing show.”

This is the line, I heard once or twice an episode, out of Roz for the past 5 years. Eventually, I just shot a look – on her que – and laughed everytime she delivered it. The joke, that keeps on giving, is finally over. Did it answer all those questions? I can answer with a cautious….Yes.

The answer was simple. Quite unlike the multitude of characters and plot lines that tangled it’s way throughout it’s run. Was it a journey into frustration? sometimes. What it did, perhaps better then any show I have seen, was grab you in the moment of wtf. The individual scenes were gripping and intense, even when the answers would come a week, year, or never later. Everything was open to interpretation and everyone seemed to have there own explanations of what was happening. The final scene solidifies that, but brings our theories much closer together. The cast was superb. The sentimentality – too thick. The first show to start the mindfuck formula, will be the best. Heroes and Flash Forward  could not keep me caring, nearly as long, as the passengers of  Oceanic Flight 815.


One Response to Lost, “Stupid f-ing show.”

  1. Curlyfish says:

    I am simply glad that’s it’s over. Thank goodness

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