Turning the corner with BioWare.

BioWare has always teased me. Their games had my head spinning with their big ambitions. From Baldur’s Gate to Jade Empire, I was excited but ultimately disappointed after playtime. Even when their recent games have aspired to offer action gameplay, they just could not compete with the games I loved. Their was always something lacking in control and level design. Their titles also had too much complexity and excessive micro-management for me to get enjoyment out of. Why couldn’t deep game worlds like these, give me the same gratification that books or movies could? They finally have got something special in Mass Effect 2. From here, they just might blow every game developer out of the water.

Mass Effect for the uninitiated— is a space opera, in the vein of Star Trek or Star Wars. The Mass Effect universe highlights BioWare’s greatest asset, world creation. Not unlike J.R.R. Tolkien or a myriad of other sci-fi/fantasy writers after him, BioWare fleshes out their world with it’s own history, cultures, and races — then craft the stories and characters that inhabit it. As a result, anything or place that you encounter in this game has depth and backstory. They have built a mythos that rivals any book or movie, but more importantly, finally delivering tight gameplay that rivals the best games.

As a result, BioWare’s strengths put other action games to shame. The choices you make, have a weight that I have never felt before. These are video game characters, I finally care about. Characters I didn’t want to see die in the final chapter. Mass Effect 2 has not quite reached the pinnacle of gameplay for a shooter or the cinematic level of a Hollywood film. But the actions that effect your story makes for an experience that neither can match. After decades, you have finally delivered for me. Bravo BioWare, for taking entertainment to a higher place.


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