Cable TV: An Ugly Break Up

It’s time to end the nonsense and separate from my longest relationship after family. It’s been bad for years and breaking it off, is clearly for the best. I’ll leave you now, because of my other relationships I can nurture. I think I’m finally ready to dump you. well almost!

I really can’t take it anymore. The Sci-Fi channel shows wrestling, G4 channel got Cops reruns, Discovery channel deals in the paranormal, History channel got mega disasters, the weekend news is riddled with infomercials, and I don’t think I’ve seen a music video on MTV for decades. It’s watered down dribble and original content continues to disappear, as the price rises. Then they offer new channels, that end up just looping reruns of one show all night. We maybe use 10 channels of the hundreds offered. It’s really not about the money (although I stand to save a lot), it’s all the time lost, every time I fire up Comcast.

I don’t aim to kill my television. I’m a media hound and I will continue to suck it all in. There are just more efficient ways to consume the stuff we like. I can mainly thank Netflix to ween me off this terrible addiction. I got blurays coming to my doorstep every week, that blow cable HD out of the water. I have 100s of programs in my instant que to stream on my TV, that I don’t have the time to watch. My laptop hooks to my 50″ Bravia to bring lots of free programs via Hulu,, etc. Apple TV rounds out the package, with bucket loads of free video content and can watch our current TV shows and movies for a fraction of the cost cable charges. The most important reason, is I can watch more meaningful content in a lot less time. It can fundementally change the way Roz and I live our weeknights when we normally watch TV. We may now have time to pick up the neglected book, cook better, or engage our brains and life in better ways. This would actually reward us, by saving even more. a la carte for the win!

Two things have been stopping the split—sports and news. With news, we have the habit of watching it before we go to work, but that is easily broken when Roz gets her iPad. She can correspond, upload her photos and browse the web with her own device, without stealing my laptop! I really think we can find better news coverage online anyway. It has been that way for a long time.

Sports is the only real impediment. Roz likes the F1 races and doesn’t want to cancel till the season ends. I love my Giants, Niners, Warriors and playoff games. Now baseball has become accommodating- With MLB.TV on my PS3, I can watch all the games, unfortunately local games are subject to blackout. I can live with the radio feeds and going to more home games though. At Bat on my iPhone, gets more use then TV anyway, when a game is on. I’m really ready to do this… but I may scramble back in Sept. when football starts. Ugh! Break ups are tough!


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