On Your Peter Gabriel To Do List

After listening to Peter Gabriel’s latest album Scratch My Back (listen to entire albums once for free on lala.com), I was reminded of his latter day opus Up. A project started in 1995 and taking seven years to complete, this may be something you have missed. Normally I would suggest seeking out the album, but I think the best way is to view the Growing Up DVD. Anyone who has seen Gabriel live, knows what a great artist he is to watch. This is a big production, as usual, with ambitious stage show that shows off his love for technology. The concert has outstanding audio for your 5.1 setup and is shot with 10 cameras, often with a the perspective of the roadies under the stage. This gives a nice perspective to both sides of a big show. The now bald and grey-bearded Gabriel, goes through the compelling Up and revisits his classics. Each track brings a different look and surprise, that I would not want to spoil, that keeps you transfixed till the end. He is joined by the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama for the spine-tingling “Sky Blue,” and the not to be missed, unconventional duet with his daughter in “Downside Up”, that still gives me chills. What an outstanding voice and artist this guy is.


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