Heinz’s Grown Not Made, is not right.

Good old heinz 57 is one of the many large monopoly food companies rolling the wellness dice. I recently noticed their new tagline, Grown Not Made®, on their ketchup bottles. The tagline is wrapped around a wholesome ripe tomato on a vine. Heinz healthy new vision seems a direct response, to ingredients their products contain, that people have taken issue with. Two ingredients in their ketchup are still quite synthetic. High fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, which is man-made in a laboratory, goes straight to your bloodstream and shocks the body with sugars which the body doesn’t know how to handle other than to turn it right to fat. HFCS is contributing to the sky rocketing diabetes epidemic in the US. With our nations love of fast food, obesity and diabetes is at a unprecedented level in today’s children. You can find heinz packets at every pitstop, to squeeze the sickly-sweet mixture over everything. They usually give a big handful too. The stuff does grow on trees afterall!
The food industry has already said in ads that HFCS is “ok in small amounts,” which really means its dangerous and should be avoided. But thats okay, for 3x the cost you can buy one of their “health food” brands with real sugar! The more sweetened foods we eat the more we want it, and the less aware we are of how “unnatural” this sweetness is. You’ll also find that most other condiments, like French’s Mustard and A1 sauce, do not contain these made ingredients.
So please, browse through the site. See all the health and wellness in heinz products. See how they help children in developing countries have a balanced diet, as they continue to harm our own, without us realizing it. I am no health crusader. I have not shunned Heinz ketchup from my diet. But does something about this seem disingenuous? When I studied this newly branded bottle, I got angry. Maybe the two movies, Food, Inc. and King Corn, have gotten to me. I really hope I’m not the only one.

One Response to Heinz’s Grown Not Made, is not right.

  1. barbara says:

    Excellent post about Heinz…. not long ago doctors thought I was allergic to soy (which includes vegetable oil, ‘natural flavors’, spices, and the list goes on and on and on). I was told to contact the manufacturer to see if ‘natural flavors’ are derived from soy or from another source. Every manufacturer responded to my request with a yes or no and kind response, I wasn’t asking for the recipe, or WHAT was included in ‘natural flavors’ just needed to know if it included soy) I contacted Heinz, and when asking if their ‘natural flavors’ could be derived from soy (or partly from soy) this was my reply (needless to say, Heinz is crossed off my list forever, and turns out… I’m NOT allergic to soy):
    Because recipes are not patentable, the terms ‘natural flavorings’ and ‘spices’ refers to dried spices which are not disclosed on the label for proprietary reasons. Unfortunately, if you are allergic to an ingredient other than those specifically declared, we are not able to disclose whether your ingredient is being used in the recipe, and therefore suggest that you avoid using this product.

    However, if you would like to have your physician fax us a request on their letterhead with a contact phone number detailing the specific ingredient(s) in question. They can fax that request to: (412) 237-5291.

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