5 Apps for Spring

MLB at-bat ($9.99) – Spring is coming… If you are a baseball fan this is completely worth the money. I balked at the price too, but found I was checking this everyday last season. This well designed app has gameday play-by-play tracking found on MLB.com, You get a clear radio feed of both home and away broadcasts, and can view video replays as the game progresses. If you miss the game, they post a 10 minute condensed video of  highlights a few hours after. You have instant scoreboards, box scores, stats, team videos and news. The new version promises push notification to let you know when a game starts or has just finished. It’s my go to place for baseball. Go Giants!

Yelp! (Free) – Spring is time to get great food. If I’m ever in a neighborhood I’m not familiar (or even know well) this comes in handy. This tracks where you are and gives you reviews of food and entertainment around you, usually from the locals that know it best! You’ll know exactly how to get there and one tap calls the place. Find out prices and what their best dishes are before you walk through the door.

Comics (Free) – This  is a comic store in your pocket with a great interface. The digital viewing action of comics, really adds a different level of immersion. Swipe to switch panels and it pans and zooms to the next with dramatic effect. Pinch to zoom or flip to landscape or vertical orientation on the fly. This also allows you to purchase the print copy and find comic stores in your area. But in the app you’ll get 70+ free comics to read, purchase digital issues from .99 to 1.99, even pick from Marvel’s back catalog. Have not spent a penny yet with so much free content,  but will support these guys eventually. Check out issue 1 of Chew!

Weber’s On The Grill ($4.99) – A must for Weber fans. Discovered this late last summer and has lots of great recipes, rubs and cool ideas. It has informative videos on the basics and tricky aspects of grilling, a grill timing guide (pick the meat & thickness and get the perfect time), plus a timer so it all comes out perfect. Even has a grocery list so you don’t forget something at the store. Enjoyed the Adobe Pork Steaks and inside-out burger. This app will keep me grilling and trying new things this spring.

Remote (Free) – The ultimate portable DJ in my house. I can pick any song to blast either inside or on the patio. Also can bring up YouTube, videos, movies, photos on the big screen. Never have to touch any equipment or multiple remotes, it’s all in my pocket.


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