The Preramble

Found one of my books from college. Here are some of the passages.

It disturbs me that the life in which you live, is often decided in such short moments.

Here we are in our fortresses, with no one but our walls.

As one imposes on another – It’s a wonder how far you can go or how little you can expect.

If the heart can hurt so much after a chance meeting. I’d hate to find and lose true love.

People can seem awfully intimidating.
People can seem awfully friendly too.
It’s a shame you often experience this after they leave the room.

How can your feelings at childhood so effect your adulthood?

My life feels like an open book with no text, waiting to be read.

To be in one’s life is a blindness. It’s only when you’re on the outside that one can so easily see otherwise hidden problems.

It is scary to think that it is not usually what one thinks is right but what one that thinks that another sees as right, is the act often taken.

The next morning you catch so little afterglow and you become once again strangers.

A dialogue of alcohol, a page full of your soul.


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