What's old is new again

It’s not often you walk out of a flick excited about what you saw, find conversation radiate back to it over dinner and actually change your mood for the better. This is how it went down after Roz and I checked out 3:10 to Yuma on it’s Friday night debut. I’m not a hard-core western fan (like my wife is over anything, Russell Crowe) but have a couple favorites on my bookshelf. A few fit on my top 20: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, and The Unforgiven. A Western is grand escapism like Sci-Fi, Historical Epics, and even a good Tarentino flick. Hollywood turned to Westerns during WWII for this reason, and this is the movie to start another comeback.

My favorite cold-hearted SOB

Yuma is a successful character-driven action flick, which is rare thing. Either you get action with characters you don’t care squat about, or a well-acted drama that leaves you yawning. In a summer of over-bloated movies this one never lets up, be it action or dialogue. It clocks in at about two hours (special praise for that). You also get Oscar-caliber acting from philosophical killer Russell Crowe, determined do-gooder Christian Bale, petite badass Ben Foster, and legendary windbag Peter Fonda. Yup, I reckon this ones finding a place next to The Man with No Name Trilogy on my bookshelf.


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